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14 June 2005

Off topic rant

I am in Texas this week of business. I mention this only because the topic of Texas justice came up yesterday after the verdict in the Jackson case in California. A co-worker of mine could not help but notice that had this trial been in Texas, or in most Southern states for that matter, there would have been a different verdict.
Now, I was not in the court, I do not claim to know everything about the case, on the contrary I intentionally avoided it. But I so want to believe that the justice system works. I want to think that with the numerous claims, the freakish behavior, and the total disregard for taste exhibited by Jackson that they could get a guilty verdict and take him off the streets.
But yet again the California legal system proves that justice is blind but not available for rent or lease. Money buys freedom, I guess freedom isn't free after all.
Listening to the endless drones by the talking heads on TV, and the self-congratulatory speeches by the jury, I am struck by how many of them say that they think he is a child molester, but they "didn't like the mother," or, "felt the DA was on a vendetta." Another child molester is set free, emboldened, and society takes another step towards the pit.
I pray that we will wake up soon, from this national nightmare. I hope that honest people, whom I still believe are in the majority, will stand up. Hopes and dreams.


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