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14 June 2005


I recieved word today that an employee of the company I work for was killed in action in Afghanistan this week. SGT Michael Kelley of CT was killed in a motar attack. Without a debate on the legitamacy of the war, I simply ask that you all keep him and his family in your prayers.

"I was that which others did not want to beI went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do.I have seen the face of terror, felt the stinging cold of fear.I have cried, pained, and hoped - but most of allI have lived times others would say, were best forgotten.At least someday I will be able to say, that I was proud of what I was, a Soldier."

Off topic rant

I am in Texas this week of business. I mention this only because the topic of Texas justice came up yesterday after the verdict in the Jackson case in California. A co-worker of mine could not help but notice that had this trial been in Texas, or in most Southern states for that matter, there would have been a different verdict.
Now, I was not in the court, I do not claim to know everything about the case, on the contrary I intentionally avoided it. But I so want to believe that the justice system works. I want to think that with the numerous claims, the freakish behavior, and the total disregard for taste exhibited by Jackson that they could get a guilty verdict and take him off the streets.
But yet again the California legal system proves that justice is blind but not available for rent or lease. Money buys freedom, I guess freedom isn't free after all.
Listening to the endless drones by the talking heads on TV, and the self-congratulatory speeches by the jury, I am struck by how many of them say that they think he is a child molester, but they "didn't like the mother," or, "felt the DA was on a vendetta." Another child molester is set free, emboldened, and society takes another step towards the pit.
I pray that we will wake up soon, from this national nightmare. I hope that honest people, whom I still believe are in the majority, will stand up. Hopes and dreams.

10 June 2005

Anti-Illegal Rally

Yesterday, radio talk show host Phil Vallentine (99.7) hosted an anti-illegal immigration rally in Nashville. It's about time someone did! While I did not have the opportunity to go, I was there in spirit. Anyone who has been in the Nashville area for more than a few hours can see that we have become a magnet, to use Phil's term, for those people. Anyone that is but the liberals and their allies in the illegal immigrant community. I see them through my job, I see them in my neighborhood, and on my streets. Yes I said it was all mine. I paid for it, along with a few of my friends, through the honest, hard work we do.
Now before I get accosted for "labeling," anyone let me say that I am ok with controlled legal immigration, I am ok with people of mexican descent being proud of their country of birth. What I am not ok with is the fact that in a state where we speak of budget problems, TENNCARE shortfalls, ethically challenged legislators, and 2 consecutive governors who would-be-king, we can let people tell us that is is in our best interest to allow illegals to have driver's licenses, free health care, special educations classes, and preferential treatment.
The old argument that they are doing jobs that we will not is invalid. I bet you there are plenty of people in this state that would take the jobs if offered. The root problem is a lack of respect for law, for our neighbors, our state, and our nation (note I did not mention country). Small businesses are there to make money for the owners, but the greed that takes over, and telling us that the extra pennies we save by hiring illegals is worth the impact on our communities is what needs to be reformed. This reform cannot take place with a revival of the sense of community.
We will not have that reveival, I fear, anytime soon. The liberal have intrenched themselves in our schools, convincing our children that we are wrong, and ensuring a future generation warm to their agenda. But oh, if we could. We need men and women of charachter, who care about their community, right here, not in Mexicao, or DC, or China, but here in Dickson, Murfreesboro, Johnsonville, and Cordova, to take charge, evict the corrupt legislators, and remove the illegals from our borders. Tennessee for Tennesseans!

08 June 2005


I would like to welcome all of you to the Tennessee Patriot. It is my hope that through the power of the blog, I can start a civil debate as to the nature of our state's sovereignty, dependence on federal money and authority, and the future of Tennessee. I welcome comments both for and against this idea. Please adhere to the following rules.

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